Who We Are And What We Do

CAMS CLUB Inc is a member based organization. Our leading aim is to support local communities and provide them best services regarding commercial vehicles. We deliver leading edge expertise in several areas like legal advice, claim settlement, best car cover policy, lowest prices, etc. People can become a member of this organization by purchasing one of our product such as Rideshare, VHA, Taxi and Uber eats insurance. The value in the organization is payback to members through cheapest prices, rewards, discounts product and services. Working with our members we deliver a bespoke service dedicated on allowing them to make the right choices and enhance their savings. With a team comprising most professionals and well trained staffs in the organization.

  • Replacement or repairs if your commercial car is damaged due to storms, collisions, floods, theft, vandalism, or fires
  • Liability coverage for injuries caused to third parties or their properties
  • Immediate claim settlement and medical expenses in case of collisions or accidents
  • Commercial car repairs at authorized and approved faculties
  • Replacement of your totaled or damaged car with a new model of the same make
  • Legal advice in third party damages party damages

We offer a range of services including commercial car insurance, legal advice, and repairs. Our comprehensive insurance plans are tailor-made to meet your business needs. Our bespoke policies will include –

Our Organization’s values are.

Our EPIC values are very important to us and we are fully committed to know our members satisfaction through our services.

Ethical: We maintain great ethical values in terms that we run our organization

Personable: We are friendly and engage in open communication with our members and stakeholders

Innovation: We committed with ourselves on every step to improve what we do and how we do it to create benefits for our members

Commitment: We bring energy and identify that our members’ victory varies on the full commitment of a professionals and well-trained team

Get The Coverage Your Car Needs

We offer the lowest prices for car insurance in Hobart, Tasmania. At CAMS Club, we work with the best insurance companies to help you get the best coverage deals. We ensure fast and easy claim settlements for our commercial car members.

We also offer the ideal coverage for high-profile commercial cars like VHA and Limo. With years of experience in the car insurance industry, we can provide the best prices for luxury commercial cars. Our all-inclusive comprehensive plans will keep your car always on the road.