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The CAMS Club: Premium Third Party Property Damage Tasmania, just for you!

It is aspiring to own a car. One spends a fortune to buy the car of their dreams. Believe it or not, there is an emotion strongly attached to the car you buy. Therefore, you must protect it by any means.

If you are living in Hobart, Tasmania and the wide highways motivate you to go for a long drive, you must get a cover plan. It protects the car and you from any un-fateful event that is usually common in highways.

The CAMS Club is the best Third Party Property Damage Insurance provider operating in Hobart, Tasmania. Avail the Third Party Car security plan which is the mandatory cover for everyone.

You will get your car secured from accidents, theft, external and internal damage and third party damage. Here is how it will ease the tension from your shoulders even at your stressful hours.

  • Fast and Easy process – Availing the policy is pretty easy. You can also renew or buy the coverage plan online with hassle-free steps.
  • Simple renewal – You can renew the Third-Party Security plan very easily with some online method. The policy is easily available round the clock no matter where your location is!
  • Financial and Legal safety – when you buy a policy, you secure yourself from any legal or financial harassment by any parties during the sudden mishap.

The Cost of Third Party Property Damage Insurance depends on your expectations from the plan. If the basic plan does not go well with you, strengthen it with some add-on facilities.

Features and Specialties

The facilities from the CAMS Club are very close to the Top Third Party Property Damage Insurance services. Learn closely about the best services you can avail to cover your car.

Personal accident cover

Customers are the topmost priority for us. Therefore, we cover the damages from the personal accident under our plans.

Third-Party Liability

We take the responsibilities to cover the expenses if your vehicle has injured any person. The medical expense and other liabilities will get covered under the coverage plan.


Do you have a ridesharing business? The Top Third Party Property Damage Insurance Hobart covers for the damage expenses of any ridesharing vehicle.

Third-party property damage

There is no need to worry if you have mistakenly collided into someone else’s property. We will keep it covered under the plan.

Third-Party Damage

The Third Party Property Damage Tasmania will cover any on-road damage on the vehicle. You pay the premiums and save it for emergencies.

Third-party driving

An accident can occur anywhere. Let the Third Party Property Damage Tasmania protect your asset even when you do not drive the car.

What does the Best Third Party Property Damage Insurance in Hobart not cover?

The Third-party coverage plans are the best security plans you can buy for your asset. These plans will cover your mistakes, but never somebody else’s. There are some specific situations which a third party coverage plan will never assure you of. Here are they:

Contractual Liabilities

Contractual liabilities are not included in the Third Party Property Damage Insurance Hobart.

War & Nuclear Risks

Nuclear and war attacks affect all. It might sound unfortunate, but no coverage will be given for damages occurred due to war scenarios.

Usage Limitations

We regret to not provide the security when accidents occur due to rash driving, drunk driving or speed testing.

Get the best security for your vehicle with little investment!

Why choose the CAMS Club Third-party Security plans?

Security plans are the friend who does not leave you during an emergency. Rather, it pays for the expenses with the money you have saved in the past years. The Top Third Party Property Damage Insurance in Hobart gives you the best facilities so that handling bigger situations becomes easy.

In cities like Hobart, Tasmania, you can choose the best plans with the highest protection for your vehicle.

Customer-friendly service

Place a query by any means, any day! Customer servicing is super strong to provide 24/7 service throughout the year.

No cancellation charge

Third-Party Property Damage Insurance Tasmania does not charge you for cancellation.

The best repair network

We provide the best repairs with Cheap Third Party Property Damage Insurance Hobart. The plan will give you the best repairing in entire Tasmania from assured mechanics.

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  1. What is the need of filling up a proposal before buying coverage plans?
  2. Proposal forms are a contractual form between the insured and the insurer that contains necessary details about the insured person (you), his previous records and vehicle details. For the sake of genuineness, it is necessary to fill it with the correct details.

  3. Is paying the premium online available?
  4. Yes. You can easily pay your premium using Credit/Debit card or Net Banking.

  5. Will the company protect me if I launch an FIR after the accident?
  6. Launching an FIR is very essential after you face an accident on the road. There is no need for protection. Instead, the company will take a copy of the FIR documents as record and proof.

  7. What is underwriting?
  8. Underwriting is an amalgamation of a lot of things. It is an assessment of the rate of premium, facts related to the coverage plan and risks before deciding to accept the insurance contract.