Payment & Privacy Policy

Payment & Refund Policy


If you choose to make a Payment to CAMS CLUB Inc. by direct debit from your bank Account or card through online payment system, then the following terms and conditions of this DIRECT DEBIT REQUEST CONTRACT, your DDR and the Payment Plan will apply. We have included with this DDR Contract (or, if you completed your DDR on-line, we will forward to you) a copy of the Payment. Please let us know in writing to our Address or via email if any details in this contact are incorrect.


  • Drawing Contract:
  • You have authorized us to debit the Payment from your Bank Account or Card in accordance with your DDR. We will comply with your DDR when debiting any Payments. Where the due date for a Payment falls on a non-business day in the place of lodgment, we will draw the Payment on the next business day. If you are uncertain about when a Payment will be due, you should contact us or your Financial Institution. We will not change the amount or frequency of a Payment or the terms of this DDR Contract unless we give you at least 14 days’ notice. We may cancel or suspend the DDR Contract if you provide us with any incorrect information, Account details, a Payment is dishonored or you stop a Payment without notify us.

  • Member’s Rights:
  • You may stop any Payment or cancel the DDR Contract at any time by sending written notice directly to us to our Address or by notifying your Financial Institution. Notice given to us should be received by us at least 5 Business Days prior to the due date for a Payment which you wish to stop. You may request a change or deferment of a Payment or your DDR by contacting us in writing at our Address and advising your requirements not less than 5 Business Days prior to the due date for a Payment which you wish to change or defer.

  • Cancellation and Refund Policy:
  • The CAMS CLUB does not have cooling-off period of 2 weeks. But if the cover you have chosen is not suitable and no claim is made, you can cancel this policy or membership within 72 hours of the purchase date then the CAMS CLUB is entitled to refund a half (50%) of the premium you have paid. If you cancel after 72 hours and no claim is made then the CAMS CLUB is authorized not to refund any amount of the policy or membership you have paid.


  • Member’s Responsibilities:
  • It is member’s responsibility to ensure that enough funds are available in your Bank Account or in card to meet a Payment on its due date. If there are insufficient funds in your Bank Account or card to make a Payment and your Financial Institution dishonors the Payment: We may attempt to re-process the Payment; We may cancel or suspend the DDR Contract or membership without notify you; We may charge you extra fee; and you must arrange with us a suitable alternate payment method. You should check your Bank Account or card regularly to ensure that the correct amounts have been debited from your Bank Account or card in accordance with the DDR. It is your responsibility to ensure that the authorization given to draw on your Bank Account or card is identical to the account signing instruction held by your Financial Institution. It is your responsibility to advise us in writing to our Address or via email if you’re Bank Account or card is transferred, closed or stolen. It is also your responsibility to arrange with us a suitable alternate payment method if you wish to stop a Payment or cancel your DDR.

  • Your Indemnity:
  • You agree to indemnify us for any loss or expense we suffer which arises from or in connection with you giving us incorrect or false information in the DDR. This indemnity will survive termination of the DDR Contract or membership.


Where you consider that a Payment has been incorrectly processed or you dispute any Payment you may take the matter up directly with us by notifying us in writing to our Address or with your Financial Institution. If you write to us about a dispute, we will attempt to resolve the dispute within 14 days of receiving your written dispute. We will write to you about our decision. If you are not happy with our decision, you may refer the dispute to your Financial Institution.


WE will keep all information pertaining to your Bank Account or card and your DDR private and confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be obtained by contacting us. Our financial institution may require information pertaining to your Account and your DDR if there is a claim made on it relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit. There are risks associated with providing DDR information on-line and you are responsible for keeping that information safe and confidential along with any related security devices or measures.


Protecting your privacy is essential to CAMS CLUB. This Privacy Covenant describes how we collect, manage and maintain your personal data. This Privacy Covenant applies to all products and customer services offered by CAMS CLUB.

In this Privacy Covenant, all terms and conditions defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (th) (Privacy Act) have the same meaning when used in this Privacy Covenant.

Collection of personal data

What kind of personal data do we gather and maintain?

The kind of personal data we collect and hold about you varies on the circumstances of collection and the nature of your dealings with CAMS CLUB.

Your personal data we collect and hold about you and other person(s) (e.g., a co-insured individual or a spouse, partner or child) can include contact details like names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, previous insurance, claim history, driver history and the date of birth; vehicle details including vehicle type, year, model and registration. CAMS CLUB can also obtain your tax file number and ABN in restricted circumstances, in compliance with the clear guidelines set out in the Privacy Act.

We may collect your name, contact details as well as any additional information you may want to provide us if You are dealing with CAMS CLUB in another way. Details of your interactions with CAMS CLUB may also be collected.

We may collect or recognize images of you in some cases including when you send us photographs or when your image has been captured on CAMS CLUB premises or vehicles by security or other monitoring devices in our contractors' vehicles or vehicles.

Please be sure you tell other entities including individuals and businesses about this Privacy Covenant when you share any personal data.

With your permission, CAMS CLUB gathers confidential information only (unless we are required or authorized by or under law to do so). Details on a person's health and races, racial background, political views, associations or union members in political, technical or commercial organizations, religious beliefs and criminal records are all confidential information.

How do we collect personal information?

We collect personal data, including by telephone, directly from you when you visit or interact with the CAMS CLUB

We deliver cookies (digital platforms), in writing, through our websites, mobile apps, social media sites and other digital platforms. Often other persons or entities can supply personal information about you to CAMS CLUB. For instance, your co-insured or borrower or spouse, partner, parent or guardian may provide us with your information. We also collect your personal details from business partners with whom we work and from contractors who provide services on behalf of us and from public sources (for example, public registers and social media).

The purposes for which CAMS CLUB collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information

To provide you with the products and services you want

We use and reveal your personal details to review and process applications for CAMS CLUB products and services (including membership and claims) in order to deliver the products and services that you have requested, manage your CAMS CLUB membership and provide you with benefits. This involves the use of your information for administrative tasks such as receipt, accounting and processing of complaints. We might also need to use your details to validate your identity in some circumstances.

To deal with enquiries and complaints

We may require to collect and use your personal details to respond to an enquiry you make as well as to discuss a complaint about a product or service offered by CAMS CLUB.

Research and Development

CAMS CLUB can contact you from time to time to ask you about how we are doing things, what we want to have in the future or about your ideas on matters of public policy. CAMS CLUB can also use your personal data and knowledge about how you use and communicate our products and services, for research & development purposes, with CAMS CLUB.

Data analytics

CAMS CLUB can arrange data analysis on personal information you provide, as well as details regarding your relationship with CAMS CLUB, to develop CAMS CLUB products and services.

Additional information disclosure requirements

If requested or allowed by law, we may also communicate your personal information with other stakeholder(s) and third parties (including where you have provided your consent).

Sharing non-personal information

CAMS CLUB may share consolidated or descriptive relevant data which does not define you with our other third parties or business partners.

Location-based services

CAMS CLUB and its partners and licensees could even collect, track, manage, use and exchange locality data, including the geographical location of your equipment in real time, in order to provide location-based services through our applications.

How to make a privacy complaint

Please contact us if you have any concerns or complaints about the way CAMS CLUB has handled your personal information.

We will review your complaint and reply to you in writing. We will let you know if we require any further information to respond to your complaint. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can contact us to discuss your concerns or take the matter to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Further information about complaints to the OAIC can be found here:

Revisions of this Privacy Covenant

We may change our Privacy Covenant from time to time. If we do so, we will place a notice on our website. Please check for updates and changes.

Contact us

If you would like more information about CAMS CLUB’s approach to privacy, or if you wish to discuss the information set out in this privacy Covenant, please contact us.

Postal address: Po box 510 Glenorchy, 7010 Tas, Australia

Phone: +61 483293879