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Rideshare Insurance Tasmania does not just provide basic insurance covers, but also offers several additional benefits for the policy holders.

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The cheapest Rideshare Insurance Tasmania - a safety jacket for your car

Are you currently driving for a rideshare platform or do you plan to work for one? All rideshare services like Uber, Lyft, Shebah, etc require a basic insurance cover and an additional coverage plan for your car. If you don't have a damage policy in place for you, unfortunately, your application will be rejected by the ride-hail apps.

We provide one of the Cheapest rideshare insurance Hobart. The affordable insurance plans ensure that drivers of all ages and backgrounds can avail the services and protect their car, which is a business asset for them.

Having a coverage policy helps you when you get involved in an accident. The policy is not only designed to protect your car against damages but also pay compensation to your passengers. We take care of the financial aspect and legalities during a crash.

You can take a look at the several Insurance for rideshare Hobart. You can choose one that suits your needs. Get a free quote today!

Different types of insurance policies that are offered

In Australia, it is mandated by law to have a basic Insurance cover for your car, called the Compulsory Third Party or CTP cover. You cannot drive your car without having CTP. Majority of the rideshare platforms will require you to have other coverage policies in place apart from the CTP.

Platforms like Ola and Uber require you to have - a CTP insurance plan, TPPD insurance and a registered car. Top Rideshare Insurance services will offer you both CTP and TPPD insurance.

Features and Specialties

Rideshare Insurance Hobart will offer other alternative policies. Here are some of them:

Third-party property damage

These insurance plans will help you cover for damages caused by your vehicle to third-party properties. If you injure someone's pet, Rideshare Insurance provider will pay for the medical bills!

Third-party fire and theft

When you are driving a pricey car around, there are high chances of your car getting stolen. This will greatly hamper your profit and neither you nor do we, want that to happen. Best Rideshare Insurance in Hobart will cover your car against fire damage as well as provide protection against theft.

Comprehensive car insurance

This the highest coverage one can get. Best rideshare insurance Hobart provide comprehensive car insurance. This plan provides 360-degree protection for your car.

Special Add ons

Windscreen and window glass coverage plan

How many times did you have to pay for your broken car window glass and your windscreen? Too many times to count? Then you can surely benefit from this coverage plan. Get your repairs and replacements done without paying a single dine.

New for old replacement

Rideshare Insurance in Hobart offers a new for old car replacement cover wherein case your new car is completely damaged in an insured event, then we immediately replace your old car with a brand new car of the same brand and model.

Hire car services

When suddenly your car is out of action, it becomes a huge inconvenience to commute to work. In that case, we provide you with a hire car that you can use until your car is fixed and is back on the road or until you buy a new car.

Also when we provide you with a hire car, you shall continue to have the same coverage plan for this hire car as you had for your personal car. It is important to note here that you may not be able to use your car for rideshare services because rideshare platforms do not allow you to drive hire cars.

Rideshare platforms prefer cars with added protection

As you already know major rideshare platforms require you to have added coverage plans to cover for events that are not insured under the basic CTP policy.

Why should you opt for rideshare insurance?

Low-interest rates

These insurance plans will help you cover for damages caused by your vehicle to third-party properties. If you injure someone's pet, Rideshare Insurance provider will pay for the medical bills!

High coverage

Rideshare insurance providers offer the lowest premium rates. Young drivers who cannot afford high premiums can benefit from this. Cost of Rideshare Insurance is generally less than comprehensive car insurance covers.

Hassle-free payment modes

There are two options for payment. Either you can pay off the lump sum or you can pay the premiums in instalments. Young drivers find it easier to pay the money in instalments.

Drive around without any worries

You can be proud of your driving habits and may think that you will never get into accidents because you are not a rash driver, but accidents are unpredictable. Even the very experienced drivers get into accidents despite following all the traffic rules and being very alert on road.

If you do not want to find yourself in such a mishap, you should always have a protection policy in place. The protection will cover all the damages but also make sure that your business is not suffering and provide you with an alternative option.


  1. Can I not drive for Uber or Ola if I don't have a plan?
  2. No, you cannot drive for these platforms if you do not have the basic CTP insurance plan.

  3. Where do I lodge complaints?
  4. You can reach out to us directly if you are not satisfied with our service. Give us a call, we are available 24/7!