Best Taxi Insurance Tasmania

At Hobart, we consider everything you need. From caravans to taxi insurance, we offer a wide range of insurance plans that help you stay safe on the road. Insurance plans help you keep yourself and others around you safe. Understanding this, at Hobart, we make it a point to come with insurance plans that are not only inclusive of all features but also affordable to others.

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What does our Taxi insurance cover?

Taxi Insurance Hobart constitutes of a variety of things, from features to coverage. Our primary aim is to help you find something better than car insurance for your taxi or cabs. Our taxi insurance works well for private and public vehicles used for hire. Whether your car is being used by a company as a cab or you are driving it for Uber, our taxi insurance will help you stay protected on the roads.

What do you get with our Insurance cover?

As one of the Top Taxi Insurance services, we help you find a cab or taxi insurance with the aid you deserve. Our process is simple and helps you find:

  • Coverage for a variety of situations.
  • Helps you secure the safety of your passengers.
  • Seamless process of filing for insurance to claiming benefits.
  • We reward safe driving.
  • Our process is completely transparent.
  • Online framework for you, no paperwork required.

Our taxi Insurance is Comprehensive

At Hobart, we realize the value of your taxis. Our understanding allows us to keep a track of your taxi and then create an insurance plan for you. Here is what we keep in mind:

  • We consider the type of business you use for your cab.
  • We consider the vehicle type and the age of the vehicle.
  • We consider where your vehicle operates.
  • We inquire about the number of cabs you have, fleet insurance is always cost-effective.
  • We consider your vehicle's modifications, then give a roundup of an insurance plan.

We believe in looking through all the details before finding the correct fit for your vehicle. We understand that every cab and taxi business is different from the other, which is why we understand your business and requirements before.

What does our insurance plan cover?

Our insurance plan is a comprehensive cover plan, which allows you to stay safe and stress-free. Here is what we cover:

Our insurance plan covers breakdowns. Hobart provides insurance for breakdowns with or without passengers.

We help you find a replacement, should your taxi be in an accident.

Our expert team of advisors helps you find the right assistance for the recovery of your car from the scene of the accident.

We have a complete 24-hour claim and assistance program.

Our insurance plan covers the repairs to be made to your car.

We offer personal use cover as well if you use your car for personal use.

Why CAMS Club?

CAMS Club insurance has been one of the most sought-after Taxi Insurance providers in Tasmania. Our insurance plans are suitable for any type of business and any kind of cab service. Before we file and grant your insurance, we help you figure out what kind of insurance plan would work the best for you.

We help you to:

Quickly evaluate your cab

As a leading cab insurance provider, we help you to find the right type of insurance. Our services include speaking with you and understanding what kind of insurance you need.


Before we settle on the type of cab insurance you need, we do a thorough inspection of your cab. We consider the age and the make of your car first. Furthermore, we consider which cities do your cars travel to. This helps us understand what kind of insurance would work the best for you.

Supportive Staff

CAMS Club believes in providing you with the best service, which is why all of our staff are experienced and well-trained. Our staff helps you traverse through issues, problems, or doubts. Furthermore, they would answer all your questions with the information that you’d need.

24*7 customer service

As the world has moved onto modern technologies, Hobart has done so too. We believe in being there for our clients at all times. Our customer service lines, as well as lines to claim your insurance, are always open. You can call us at any time to get advice, assistance, or aid.


  1. Do young drivers receive the same benefits?
  2. Drivers of and under the age of 25 may not receive the same benefits as the other drivers.

  3. Is negligence cost covered?
  4. CAMS Club would not cover damages or costs for the thefts that were caused due to the negligence of the owners. The insurance policy also does not cover damages if the policy was broken or not honoured. If the car has been driven outside the region as specified in the policy, Hobart would not cover any costs or damages for the same.