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If you think that a basic car insurance cover is all you need to cover for accidents and collisions, then you are highly mistaken. The basic car insurance coverage plans only cover your car for personal use. It does not cover it if you use your car for business purposes.

You need a special vha insurance coverage plan in place to make sure that your asset is safe and your business does not suffer. If you ever get into accidents while you are on duty, our VHA insurance will cover all the damages and provide other additional services to make sure your profits do not suffer in the meantime.

Features and Specialties

The lowest interest rates!

There are lots of insurance providers that will offer you insurance policies for your car, but we can guarantee you that you cannot find a cheaper Vha Insurance policy. We offer the lowest interest rates! Don't believe us? Well, you can always use our comparison tools to see the interest rates and well compare for yourself!

There are many young drivers who are working to pay off their loans and hence cannot afford such high premiums. Which is why we have come up with policies that are affordable and perfect for everyone.

Your car is one of your greatest assets. You made quite an investment when you bought the car, it would be foolish of you to drive your car around without a safety cover.

360° protection - Highest coverage plan

Many of our clients have found our coverage plans satisfactory because of the high coverage we offer. Our high coverage plans make sure that you can take your car out on duty without worrying too much about collisions and minor scratches.

Our protection plan includes protection against damages caused by natural calamities, damages caused to your car on duty and protection for third party property damage as well!

Expert repairs services and quick repairs

Did you think that we only offer protection against damages? No, we offer more than that!

We not only pay for the damages, but we also provide expert mechanics to do a thorough check of your vehicle and fix your car. All our mechanics are trained professionals, so you can rest easy that your car is in the hands of the right individuals.

We understand that with every passing hour, you are losing money which is why we do not keep your car with us for more than a week. We can fix your car as quickly as possible so that you can go back to your duty in no time!

Only authorised parts

If you take your car to the local garage, there are chances that you will be cheated and you will receive a duplicate part. We do not deal with duplicate parts. We only provide parts that have been authorised.

All the parts and accessories that we provide, will come with a lifetime guarantee! So as long as you own the car, you will benefit from our VHA insurance plan!

Various payment options

We understand that none of you is Bill Gates or Elon Musk and that not all of you can pay off the money in one lump sum. Hence, we provide several payment options for our clients. You can pay in instalments or however you want!

Tailor-made plans for your driving habits

A standard insurance plan does not suit everyone because everyone has different habits. The young drivers tend to be more impulsive and have a track record for flouting traffic rules and rash driving putting others on the road at risk, while the older experienced drivers are more concerned about following traffic rules for their own and others safety.

We look at several aspects, from your driving skills to your road habits and also your age to find create a VHA insurance plan that is perfect for you!

Our personalised approach to Insurance plans has made it possible for us to keep the premiums as low as possible. We give you a chance to lower your interest rates by showing excellent driving habits.

Alternative policies and Hassle-free claims

Raising a claim has never been so easy! Our agents will guide you whenever you find yourself involved in an insured event. She will take you through the whole process step by step, so you would not have to fight an uphill battle to get your money!

Apart from the VHA insurance service we offer many other insurance plans for your car. You can take a look at our other policies if you are interested to add another policy on top of the via insurance plan.

Available year-round

What is more annoying than not getting a signal on your phone? Unable to connect to an insurance agent when you are involved in an accident and you need to make a claim.

It not only is a sign of bad professional service but also it shows that the provider has no value for the customer. We assure you that you will never have to face such a thing with us because for us customer satisfaction is our priority.

Our customer support team is on standby around the clock. No matter what time it is, you can always call us whenever you need any assistance. Our agents are ever so ready to assist you.


  1. Where do I complain?
  2. If you are not satisfied with our services you can write to us or talk to one of our agents.

  3. How can you guarantee the lowest rates?
  4. We are not doing anything shady here. Instead of standard insurance plans, we have tailor-made plans which allow us to set different premium rates according to the driver's driving habits.